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Alkaline Water Bottle Bundle with Three Replacement Filter Cartridge

Alkaline Water Bottle Bundle with Three Replacement Filter Cartridge

Why drink Alkaline Water?

The human body constantly maintains acid-alkaline balance, but the modern diet which is rich in acid substance forces the body to borrow our alkaline reserves, and constant borrowing may lead to chronic disease.

How to avoid this possible fatal situation?

This is where SanRes Alkaline Water Bottle comes. SanRes Alkaline bottle comes with two main features, listed below

  • Creates high PH alkaline Water - reduces acid in the body, improves metabolism, increases energy, slows aging, improves digestion, and reduces bone loss
  • Performs Water filtration – Municipal water quality is not always optimal. So our Filtered water bottle removes contamination from water, filters chemicals, eliminates bad odor, and improves water taste.

So basically you get 2 in1 package, where you just have to pour the water from any source in the bottle, leave it for few minutes and drink high PH purified water.


  • Material – BPA free, food-grade plastic that doesn’t retain or transfer any flavor.
  • Size – 16 oz ( 473ml )
  • Filter – Cartridge Replaceable and reusable filter that lasts up to 40 Gallons
  • Filter Formula – Alkaline Ceramics Ball, Carbon Black
  • Feed Water Source – Plain water, splash water, river water, tap water, mineral water
  • Operating Temperature – 0-45℃
  • Product Size – 70 x 222 mm
    $34.90 Regular Price
    $29.67Sale Price

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