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Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator, Water Ionizer (900+ PPB) 20212 MODEL-NEW!

Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator, Water Ionizer (900+ PPB) 20212 MODEL-NEW!

♥ Health Friendly for Active Lifestyle: The Hydrogen water generator will give you the Best Hydration, Regen on your Body, reduce oxidative stress, boost your metabolism, improve sleep quality and skin health in a natural way.

♥ High Efficiency: It will only take one click and 3 minutes before you can enjoy 400ml of pure hydrogen rich water. And you can use this Hydrogen Water Bottle 15 times before recharging.

♥ Advanced Technology: To deliver you pure Hydrogen Water with concentration up to 900PPB, the Hydrogen water machine uses state of the art electrolysis technology that gets rid of microbial contamination, leaving behind Hydrogen rich water only.

♥ Applicable to various water quality: You can use any type of drinking water: tap water, mineral water, outdoor water and convert it to healthy and safe Hydrogen Water.


    Why should you drink Hydrogen Water?

    Because of UV radiation, air pollution, toxin, and other harmful substances, our body produces free radicals in access and these radicals harm parts of cells such as protein, DNA, and cell membranes. The molecular hydrogen produced by Hydrogen Water Generator will enter these cells and neutralize these harmful radicals, with no side effects.

     What are the top benefits of Hydrogen Water?

    • Boost Metabolism and help with weight control
    • Prevent inflammation and diseases
    • Improve memory, sleep quality, and brain function
    • Make your skin healthy, smooth, and young
    • Recover muscles after exercise
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